Thursday, January 17, 2013

Therapy Dog: Second Update

We adopted Portello from a local no-kill shelter on December 31st and he is a sweetheart! He is now "Gus."

Hoping to Adopt Him!
Gus is 15 months old and has been wonderful with the children, our cats, and even other dogs.
I had been hoping to start right off taking him on car rides, and basic obedience training. The first attempt at a car ride ended in under twenty seconds. The van was running to defrost the windows and as we began to walk to it, he panicked and backed up so violently that he slipped out of his collar first try. The second try I made sure his collar was secure enough, and the van was off. We walked toward the van and he planted his feet and wouldn't move so I walked him back to the house. The third try, I simply carried him to the van. Today, the 4th try, he was carried to the van and we all went to a county park. On the way home, he willingly walked to the van and even climbed in. He is learning some basic commands. He now sits when I tell him to, and he walks at my side on a leash, but we have discovered he has many, many fears and is pretty timid, so I am working on exposing him to those fears and praising him through it so we can move past them all. He has been such a great dog that I cannot even be disappointed that he is so nervous around unfamiliar sounds, I expect we'll be able to move past those in time.