Sunday, December 30, 2012

Decisions, decisions

It seems like there are so many times in my life that my decision making process gets reduced to two options. Two options that both have pros and cons that balance out the decision making process into an ultimate toss up.

I'm not the toss up type.

I like choices that are straightforward and obvious. I like the safety of knowing things are "black and white" so I am able to compare multiple options logically. I hate feeling indecisive or like I might choose the wrong choice.

I can adopt either of the Great Pyrenees dogs I have been looking at. I expected to have one home already, but the owner has been just short of impossible to get in contact with, and hasn't called me yet.

I was just asked if I can adopt the original Pyr that we were looking at; the one I posted a photo of on the Therapy Dog page.  I just didn't see any way it could work out, financially, because we have some loose ends to tie up so that we match their requirements for adoptive parents: (veterinary visits to get all my indoor cats utd on non-mandatory vaccines. I hadn't felt they were necessary because they never are exposed to the outdoors.

This is the dog that Cade informed me "God made him." How can I argue with that?

Forget black and white logic. I'm making this decision based on emotion, and the profoundly touching words of my three year old. If you are able to help offset the adoption and vet fees, I would be deeply appreciative, click the link below to donate securely through PayPal
I am so excited to be so close to bringing the calming influence of a canine companion into our home so soon! Thank you for following us on our journey, and for being a part of it!