Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Riley Children's Hospital

We know our lives are going to change when we are preparing to bring a little one into the world.  We know we're going to lose sleep during those middle of the night feedings, we're going to overflow with love we didn't know we could feel, and we're going to joyfully mark down their milestones as the months pass.

When Maria was 22 weeks pregnant she discovered that her baby boy was going to change her life in other ways. Maria was informed that her baby had water in the brain, or Hydrocephalus.  They later learned through their specialist that the news continued, and that Christopher only had half a brain, Holoprosencephaly.  His family is grateful to Riley Hospital for their knowledge and expertise in treating Christopher's condition, but the frequent 8 hour round trips, multiple surgeries and procedures have put further strain on their already strained finances.

Can you skip today's latte and make a donation towards their trip expenses? Perhaps help fund their first tank of gas, or even their first gallon.  I was stunned to see that they're only trying to raise about $1000 right now. If we all pitched in what a load we could lift from their shoulders! This one hits close to home for me, as Christopher is the son of my friend's neighbor and good friend. I'm pitching in, will you?